Tamara Rendell

With a love of mythology, folktales and accounts of magic and mystery, Tamara went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Waikato.
The beauty of her home surroundings of ocean, forest and mountains (and the unshakable influence of those early tales of Elementals and Devas) continually inspires her writing in both fiction and poetry.

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collage of images for Lunar Fire by Tamara Rendell. Top left: stag antlers with a red cloth sweeping across them before a black background. Top right: a hawk looking into the distance. Middle left: dark image of a woman in a red priestess hood and shawl with her hands before her, her fingers entwined. Middle right: a man's hand pressed against a tree trunk. Bottom left: golden crescent moon with title Lunar Fire. Bottom right: pale and ghostly double image of a woman and a wolf facing in opposite directions with a forest background.

An epic saga of the savage innocence and power of ancient druidism, elemental magic, and the battle between the ancient forces of enslavement and freedom

Lahana is the daughter of a failing king and promised to the powerful warlord Cael: a man aware of her innate powers as an elemental witch. In her freedom flight from Cael’s manipulative agenda, Lahana’s awakening collides with the superstitions and fears of those who would shelter her. Refusing to suppress her truth, Lahana continues to seek a union of human passion and soul desire and to realise her vision of the Goddess within all creation.